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Water Plant Engineer (Operates a Water Production facility)

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Water Plant Engineer (Operates a Water Production facility)

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Position Summary
Under limited supervision, the Water Plant Engineer directs the operation of plant equipment to produce the specified quantity and quality of finished water, monitors plant equipment to assure proper plant performance, applies process chemicals, maintains plant operational records, and uses laboratory test equipment for routine tests.

Essential Functions
1. Control treatment processes to meet directed requirements to include, but not limited to, wellfield operations, basin blowdowns and transfers, chemical feed adjustments, filter rates, basin flow rates, filter backwash schedules, and high service pump operations.
2. Notify duty chemist or supervisor in the event of plant failures or abnormal conditions.
3. Check status of and operate pumps, basins, chemical feeders, filters, and related equipment.
4. Control water plant by means of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)and related equipment, and manually operate plant with assistance of other District staff if SCADA fails.
5. Pick-up and test samples of water in various stages and at specific locations in the treatment process at established times.
6. Perform various tests, record test results, and interpret the results to make operational adjustments as necessary to meet directed requirements.
7. Respond to plant failure alarms and make necessary adjustments or changes if needed.
8. Operate the Plant’s natural gas generators as necessary to avoid electrical outages whenever possible and during curtailment periods. Restore Plant to normal operation after both avoidable/unavoidable power failures.
9. Perform the physical requirements of position

1. Assist in training of new employees. This includes providing detailed instructions/feedback during side-by-side plant operation to work through various scenarios and situations.
2. Perform safety checks of buildings and equipment for problems, including but not limited to, lighting, heat, leaks, electrical trouble, fire, and mechanical failure. Document and report any non-compliance or corrective actions necessary to supervisory staff.
3. Perform preliminary diagnosis of problems related to plant systems and inform supervisors to initiate corrective action.
4. Perform, or assist with, various plant maintenance tasks including basin washing, operations and maintenance of boilers and HVAC equipment, operation and maintenance of residuals handling equipment, various wellfield maintenance tasks, and housekeeping and grounds keeping maintenance duties.
5. Perform weekly maintenance schedules.
6. Perform routine housekeeping duties in assigned work areas.
7. Drive District vehicles.
8. Communicate with and assist customers, co-workers, and management staff professionally, regardless of provocation.
9. Comply with and understand all pertinent District policies and procedures.
10. Perform a variety of other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements
1. Minimum of three (3) years of operational or maintenance experience at a water treatment facility, or distribution system; or a minimum of six (6 years) experience working building operations/maintenance, or production facility operations/maintenance experience. Potable Water Treatment Plant Experience is preferred.
2. Must be willing to work 8 hour and 12 hour rotating shifts to include evenings, nights, weekends, and Holidays.
3. Ability to perform simple chemical titrations and determine endpoints, turbidity tests, and color tests.
4. Ability to perform routine math operations to properly calculate chemical applications for treatment.
5. Ability to work and think independently in accordance with verbal and written instructions.
6. Ability to provide work direction to others.
7. Ability to work with hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, ferric sulfate, fluoride, lime, hydrochloric acid, and various other treatment and/or cleaning materials.
8. Ability to lift and transport 35 lbs. bags and buckets a distance of at least 20 feet and empty contents. Ability to move and empty a wheelbarrow with a load of 35 lbs.
9. Must be detail orientated and ability to write legibly to maintain detailed logs and records.
10. Ability to remain calm and productive in stressful situations

Required Computer Skills
•Experience with personal computers, iPads/tablets, and/or other electronic devices to include, but not limited to,
familiarity with software such as Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, Word) and enterprise-wide software (e.g., SAP).
•Ability to learn new or upgraded computer software as required

Required Education
•High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).

Required License/Certification
•Have a Grade IV Nebraska Water Plant Operator License, or ability to obtain license within six (6) months of
being placed in the position.
•Must be able to obtain within three (3) years of placement into position a State of Nebraska Grade 3 Water Operators License, or a City of Omaha Grade 3 Stationary Engineers Certificate.
•Have and maintain a valid Driver’s License

Required Testing/Verification
•Pre-employment Background Check and Drug Screen
•Undergo Physical Demands assessment for this position.
•Ability to obtain Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus/Respirator certification within 60 days to comply with confined entry procedures and chemical exposure. (Pulmonary Function Test and Respirator Fit Test).
•Audiogram, Vision, and Color identification testing. Good color vision required

Preferred Education, Experience and/or Skills
•Experience with using SCADA or other control systems.
•Basic laboratory skills
•Knowledge of basic fluid flow principles
•Experience working rotating shifts

Work Environments
•Work in conditions varying from clean, dry and cold to dirty, wet and hot with a variety of odors.
•Work inside and outside in all weather conditions frequently for short periods of time and occasionally for extended periods of time and varying types of terrain.

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February 2, 2024

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