Gain a mentor and take your leadership capabilities to new heights!

Learn from an Urban League of Nebraska mentor.

Leadership is critical for any movement and it’s no different here at Urban League of Nebraska. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to be the leader our community needs by joining the Whitney Young Academy.

The Whitey Young Academy is built for youths on the backbone of education and career preparation. The goals of the Whitney Young Academy are to provide opportunities for academic, personal, career, and social development, while helping young people shape their goals for the future. Through mentorship and community service opportunities, the young people of the Whitney Young Academy will be armed with the communication and decision-making skills to be future leaders within the community.


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Whitney M. Young, Jr.

About Whitney M. Young, Jr.

The Whitney Young Academy is named after Mr. Whitney M. Young, Jr. Throughout the 1950s, Young served as the executive director of the Omaha Urban League (now Urban League of Nebraska) and later became president of the National Urban League.

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