Don’t fall behind in school.

Receive credit for your hard work through our Summer Credit Recovery Program.

Urban League of Nebraska Summer’s Credit Recovery Program provides students with an opportunity to recover credits that were not attained during the academic school year. Students will work with Blackburn High School and the OPS Accelere’ Program to recover credits in the core classes of English, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Participants of the program are provided intense academic advising and specialized one-on-one tutoring sessions from state of Nebraska certified teachers. Students will work with teachers to complete assignments, quizzes and exams via the Omaha Public School Online Credit Recovery Program.

An on-site high school adviser facilitates all classes. During the first week, students will receive login information for any online curriculum. Assignments and homework can be completed anywhere the student has access to an Internet connection, such as from home or at a library. However, all quizzes and exams are proctored by certified staff and are to be completed at the program site.


Any high school student in grades 9-12 who needs to recover credit. Classes are limited to 20 students.


For more information about the program, contact Zackary Bowman at 402-707-4725 or Or fill out this form to receive more information.

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