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Director of Exhibits

Omaha Children's Museum

Omaha Children's Museum


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Director of Exhibits

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Job description:
The mission of the Director of Exhibits is to lead a department that provides guests with safe, high-quality, engaging, and educational exhibits that further the museum’s strategic plan, mission, and vision. This position will manage staff and resources to create new and exciting exhibits, maintain existing exhibits, and deliver an exhibit rental program across the country.
Museum exhibits include:
• 2 special exhibits per year
• 3 seasonal exhibits per year
• 25,000 sq. ft. of permanent exhibits
• 3 traveling exhibits
• 2 amusement rides
Primary Responsibilities:
1. Lead Team and Manage Resources 25%
• Hire, develop and retain top-level employees (current staff of 3)
• Manage team engagement
• Lead a culture of creativity, reliability, safety, and adaptability
• Operate department that is efficient, organized and effective
• Manage calendar that ensures all deadlines are met
• Collaborate with and respond to needs of other departments (Advancement, Guest Experience, Marketing)
• Ensure revenue and booking goals for Traveling Exhibits program are met
• Create and manage 3 budgets to meet department goals
• Manage exhibit department resources (on-site and off-site storage, equipment, traveling exhibits, etc.)

2. Oversee Delivery of Exhibit Experiences (Special, Seasonal, Permanent, and Traveling) 40%
• Develop exhibit schedule with three years of advance planning
• Manage exhibit development process that is comprehensive and inclusive
• Produce written exhibit plans that combine experience and educational outcomes
• Manage productions and installations to ensure optimal outcome
• Ensure exhibits are delivered to OCM quality standard
• Monitor and evaluate the success of each exhibit (durability, playability, appeal to age ranges)
• Deliver customer-focused rental experience that builds repeat business
• Oversee the operation of a safe, organized fabrication and repair shop
• Maintain relationships with critical vendors

3. Ensure Exhibits on Display are Safe, Fun, and Functional 35%
• Regularly evaluate condition of all exhibits and ensure good working order
• Manage a work order program that is communicative and trusted
• Ensure exhibits are repaired quickly and professionally
• Prevent down-time with preventative maintenance, and parts inventory
• Maintain back-stock of consumable exhibit supplies
• Manage amusement rides to be safe, in compliance, and have high up-time
• Ensure traveling exhibits meet OCM quality standard

• Leadership
• Creativity and design experience
• Project management experience
• Ability to prioritize and work under tight deadlines
• Ability to work collaboratively with internal and external teams
• Attention to detail
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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Posted on:
September 10, 2021