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Vice President Research & Evaluation

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation


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Vice President Research & Evaluation

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Vice President Research and Evaluation
Omaha-Lincoln, NE

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The mission of Nebraska Children’s Research and Evaluation Team is to responsibly and effectively create positive change for Nebraskans by promoting accountability, ensuring actionable learning, and supporting awareness of prevention-related data. The Vice President of Research and Evaluation oversees the broad scope of foundation-funded research and evaluation efforts.

The Vice President of Research and Evaluation will hold responsibilities both internally and externally. Internally, the Vice President of Research and Evaluation will work in collaboration with staff across all Nebraska Children initiatives and departments to develop and execute a comprehensive evaluation plan, oversee the implementation of research and evaluation efforts, compile the results of such efforts, and assist in dissemination and application of the results. The Vice President of Research and Evaluation also directs The Nebraska Children and Families Foundation’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process. The CQI process works to improve strategic decision-making related to planning, implementation, research, fund development, policy, and evaluation work. Externally, the Vice President of Research and Evaluation acts as the primary liaison to external evaluation groups. This position is also responsible for research and evaluation efforts that are directed at the effective stewardship of the resources invested in The Nebraska Children and Families Foundation.

Additionally, the Vice President of Research and Evaluation holds primary responsibilities for the management and development of assigned projects, some of which are ongoing and some of which are time limited. This includes the development of indicators and measures for dashboards that communities can utilize to track thriving and wellbeing metrics for families. This position is responsible for assisting with grant writing and funder deliverables, the procurement and oversight of external evaluators, cross-cutting evaluation strategies and system and model evaluation related to our statewide collective impact work known as “Bring up Nebraska.”

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Management of Nebraska Children’s Research and Evaluation Team

· Define the scope, responsibilities, and staffing of a NC’s research and evaluation team.

· Review and provide input and oversight on decisions involving existing and future research and evaluation activities.

· Review and provide input and oversight on contracts involving research and evaluation-related activities.

Track, compile, and lead in the dissemination of research and evaluation efforts

· Review and analyze results from Community Well-being initiative evaluation efforts and the Community Well-being system. Lead the development of a research and evaluation plan with staff and national advisors.

· Assist Nebraska Children initiative leads, executive team, and external relations in the dissemination of results to the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation Board and partners.

Lead Nebraska Children and Families Foundation’s Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process and its associated efforts

· Sets the strategic direction and leads the work of the CQI process.

· Works with the steering team to identify, measure, and utilize shared measurement across the organization for continuous improvement.

· Ensures the development of strategic goals and objectives, leveraging internal and external expertise.

Acts as the primary liaison to external evaluation groups whose work is key to The Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

· Participates in data and evaluation coalitions with external partners, provides leadership and coalition support as needed.

· Identifies synergies between the work of these groups and the work of Nebraska Children.

Systems Impact of Nebraska Children

· Collects, analyzes, and disseminates evaluation findings related to Nebraska Children’s system impacts on communities and partners.

· Leads efforts to develop and implement a research study of the collaborative prevention system which includes collective impact efforts to move from a reactive system to a prevention system.

· Evaluates the impact on system partners as they shift policies and practices towards prevention.

· Engages all sectors in system evaluation that fully encompasses the work of “Bring up Nebraska” and results in an evaluation effort inclusive of not only Nebraska Children but our partner involvement as well.

Manage and develop specific research- or evaluation-related projects

· Manages Nebraska Children’s Community Well-Being/Thriving Indicators and/or the data on which Nebraska Children bases its investments in communities. Including oversight of online dashboards and ensuring data is available to communities, partners, and Nebraska Children for continuous quality improvement.

· Assists in the procurement and oversight of local evaluation points of contact and consultants for Nebraska Children’s Community Well-Being Communities.

· Assists in the procurement and oversight of an external evaluators.

· Consults with Nebraska Children staff to develop proposals, evaluation plans, and logic models for grants.

Location: This position's location may be in Omaha or Lincoln, NE.


Qualifications: This position requires someone with a combination of training, skills and experience in evaluation, research, and data analysis. Also desirable are skills and experience in system evaluation design and implementation.

· Degree in a social science field relevant to the NC’s work (such as policy evaluation, child welfare, education, social work, public health, political science, sociology, or a related field), plus at least five years work experience in these fields. Master’s or doctorate preferred.

· Research methods experience in both qualitative and quantitative analysis using related and applicable software.

· Ability to create, maintain, streamline, and connect various relational database systems.

· Capability to analyze, interpret, report, prepare, and present experience research and evaluation outcomes

· Experience with evaluating collective impact work, system evaluations, and the evaluation of complex programs.

· Experience working with third party evaluators: procurement, oversight, contract, and relationship management.

· Ability to provide technical assistance to non-researchers on use of research and data.

· Ability to with people from diverse backgrounds including those with and without strong evaluation/research skills.

· Demonstrates a strong oral and written communication ability.

· Has nonprofit experience, particularly with community-based organizations and/or policy organizations focused on heath, human services, education, and/or community development is a plus.

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Posted on:
July 9, 2021