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CNC Operator

Nebraska Furniture Mart

Nebraska Furniture Mart


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CNC Operator

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Pay Range: $18.05 - 21.93 hourly

Job Description: Your Piece of the Puzzle

As NFM’s CNC Operator/Programmer you are responsible for the programming and operation of a dual-table CNC machine equipped with a Sawjet cutting head for use in the “rough-cut” stage of stone countertop fabrication. The “rough-cut” stage of the fabrication process involves the initial cutting of individual countertop pieces from full or partial slabs of quartz, granite, or marble.

Job Duties: A Day in the Life

Monitor Verify the material used in the cutting operation is correct, properly oriented, and free of defects
Manage Read and interpret production drawings to generate accurate individual programs for each cutting operation using the CNC machine interface
Plan Determine the sequence of cutting operations and processes using recognized methods and procedures according to the work schedule and constraints
Assist Operate overhead cranes, forklifts, hand grinders, and various hand tools in accordance with safety standards
Collaborate Load raw slabs of stone onto the machine table, unload finished countertop pieces from the machine table, and discard waste. Coordinate with other shop personnel to ensure safe and efficient workflow
Your work will directly impact our ability to help people create a lifestyle they love, for the people they love—because that’s what we love.

Qualifications: Can You Check These Boxes?

Minimum of 2 years’ experience in CNC machine Operation or related field
Provide leadership, direction, and training for production line personnel
Plan daily and short-term personnel requirements to keep the team within productivity rate standards
Identify, analyze, and correct issues in production rate. Develop and direct key improvement projects to continuously improve performance in the areas of quality, safety, services, and cost reduction. Attend monthly safety meetings
Communicate performance expectations and down-time responsibilities to production line personnel
Coordinate changeover process and verify components staged in-line. Report issues that may or do result in “HOLDS”
Ability to work in a fast-paced environment as a self-directed worker capable of staying on task with minimal supervision. Pre-employment screening includes, but isn’t limited to, drug screen and criminal background check
Benefits: What’s in It for You?

As a full-time member of our NFM Family, you will enjoy:

Same day pay - access to your earned pay on-demand, when you need it the most
Competitive pay - generous annual increases up to 7%
Inclusive culture – Because everyone who works or shops at NFM should feel right at home
Health, dental, vision, life Insurance, short and long term disability
Paid holidays (upon hire) and paid time off (after 90 days)
Staff discount on merchandise (Collectively, NFM staff have saved almost $2 million on purchases in the last 12 months)
Virtual and in-person career development opportunities at all levels
Paid community volunteer opportunities
Tuition Reimbursement
You’ll start saving for your retirement immediately in NFM’s 401(k) and you’re eligible for company match after one year. NFM’s 401(k) also offers Berkshire Stock as an investment option

Nebraska Furniture Mart is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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March 10, 2023