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Vice President, Accounting




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Vice President, Accounting

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The Vice President, Accounting is responsible for directing the District’s accounting department, including accounting, disbursements, payroll, financial reporting, budgeting, financial analysis and policies and procedures. This position directs the development of policies to safeguard the District’s assets, including cash, investments, fixed assets and inventories. The Vice President, Accounting ensures the accuracy of the District’s financial statements and reports related to the District’s operations, which includes management of the annual external audit. The position serves on the Investment Management Committee of the pension and Other Post-Employment Benefits OPEB trusts. The position is also primarily responsible for risk management relative to ensuring that appropriate third-party insurance coverage is purchased. Additionally, the position is responsible for making recommendations around process changes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
Minimum Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree with a specialization/major in accounting.
2. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) preferred or proven significant technical accounting experience and ability to research technical issues.
3. Minimum of ten (10) years of accounting experience to include experience in one or more of the following areas: annual budget process, inventory controls, payroll and GL reconciliations, scheduled monthly/quarter reconciliation and closing, preparation and review of annual/quarterly reports.
4. Seven (7) years of supervisory experience or ten (10) years of progressive responsibility with documented success leading short term and long-range projects/activities, providing employee coaching, feedback and conflict resolution.
5. Strong analytical and decision-making skills necessary to assume the daily responsibility for decisions, consequences, and results. Includes the ability to engage in regular and continuous decision-making and having an impact on people, cost, and quality of service.
6. A working knowledge of FASB, GASB, and other pertinent accounting guidelines and standards.
7. Familiarity with on-line research tools to know when new literature is available that relates to the District and be able to interpret how the statement impacts the District.
8. Experience in analyzing and establishing financial controls strongly preferred.
9. Proficient with personal computers, tablets and/or other electronic devices including, but not limited to, enterprise-wide software (i.e., SAP) and Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word).
10. Ability to learn new or upgraded computer software as required.
11. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Position routinely interacts with all levels of management as well as with external Board members.
12. Strong human relations skills.
13. Work is primarily performed in an office setting amid normal conditions of dust, odors, fumes, office lighting and noise.
14. This job is eligible for a hybrid in-office and work from home flexible work arrangement.
Specific Responsibilities:
In order to effectively contribute to the objectives of the District, the Vice President, Accounting is accountable and responsible for:
1. Maintain an up-to-date billing price book. Determine District overhead rates and costs, recommend price changes as deemed necessary. Furnish cost data to other departments as the basis for their estimating.
2. Direct and manage an effective budget process. Establish and recommend a complete five (5) year budget for both Gas and Water Divisions annually for presentation to and approval by the Board of Directors.
3. Set-up control processes to ensure compliance and adherence to the Budget.
4. Provide direction and oversight for the development/updating of the District’s Procedure Manual, a comprehensive document intended to provide procedural guidance to virtually all areas of the District, with a particular focus on financial controls and consistency of behavior.
5. Prepare Department budgets and business plans to ensure the appropriate level of staff is in place to accomplish departmental objectives as efficiently as possible.
6. Control adherence to budgets and business plans through periodic review of financial reports with subordinate directors or supervisors.
7. Develop/prepare financial reports and business cases to meet the decision needs of management throughout the District.
8. Prepare the “Monthly Report on Income & Finance” which is directed to the Board and Senior Management. The report provides an executive level review of monthly and year-to-date financial results as compared to budget and prior year.
9. Administer the procedures relating to accurate determination and disbursement of statutory tax on utility revenues within city boundaries.
10. Oversee the general ledger (GL) for the District, including creation and maintenance of accounts and records that allow for the preparation of financial records and reports to facilitate decision making and to control the activities of the District.
11. Direct the annual analysis and communication to the City of Omaha and other jurisdictions for whom we provide billing services related to the fees associated with billing sewer and trash fees on their behalf.
12. Responsible for overall cash management of the District. This should allow for the identification of excess funds available for short-term investing, or alternatively, when it may be necessary to rely on lines of credit.
13. Establish and administer procedures to ensure sales and use tax is accrued and remitted as appropriate, based on the various expenditure types and associated requirements per the Nebraska Department of Revenue.
14. Prepare recommendations for capital investment for the District, provide financial analysis around fund requirements, revenue and profits. Inherent with identifying fund requirements is the extensive financial support that is necessary related to the issuance of public bonds.
15. Provide data and analysis to support the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, in purchase and control of property and liability insurance, review of financial aspects of the District's group insurance and pension programs.
16. Recommend and implement process improvement in all areas of responsibility.
17. Direct and manage the annual external financial audit. This includes drafting footnotes as well as the “Management Discussion and Analysis” portion of the year-end financial statements.
18. Manage relationships with the District’s actuarial team, provide required data and analysis to ensure timely completion of reviews/valuations of both the District’s Defined Benefit Pension Plan as well as the Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Plan.
19. Maintain and direct relationships with the District’s Investment Advisor relative to the Pension and OPEB trust funds. This entails keeping Investment Policy Statements current and relevant for both trusts. This also includes providing additional information that may be required by the “Insurance and Pension” committee in the fulfillment of their duties.
20. Play a key role in meetings with credit rating agencies to secure updated credit ratings.
21. Develop talent: coach and mentor employees; support employee growth and development through leadership opportunities and professional development.
22. Understand and comply with all pertinent District Policies and Procedures.
23. Perform a variety of other duties as assigned.
24. Fulfill responsibilities common to all Supervisory, Professional, and Administrative positions as stated.
In contributing to the objectives of the District, the Vice President, Accounting is responsible for the initiation, cultivation, and maintenance of strong relationships of a business and professional nature. In addition to good communication skills, this position requires the use of significant persuasion and tact in maintaining such relationships with the following:
1. Independent auditors, relative to annual external audit and escalation of accounting problems.
2. Various banks relative to the handling of District investments and deposit accounts and daily banking relationships and needs. Understanding new banking products that may be helpful to the District.
3. Pension Fund and OPEB Trust Fund Investment Advisors.
4. Outside actuarial firm to manage required annual reporting.
5. Customers, in providing top level management answers to problems and complaints involving areas of responsibility.
6. Executive management and middle management positions in the District relative to coordination of financial analysis, day to day District operations and support as needed.
7. Various vendor relationships relative to accounting needs, including office equipment and supplies.
8. External Board members relative to responding to various questions that may arise as well as through participation in the “Audit” and “Insurance and Pension” Committees of the Board.
*Please ensure the application is filled out thoroughly to be considered for this position
An Equal Opportunity Employer “Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation"

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March 8, 2023