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Communications Clerk II

Metropolitan Utilities District

Public Safety

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Communications Clerk II

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General Position Responsibilities:

Under general supervision, the Communications Clerk II is responsible for ensuring all Field Services, Construction and Water Distribution work is assigned and completed in the work window scheduled by the customer, for communicating work assignments and modifications to service personnel with the use of telephone and radio/web-based communication equipment, for monitoring and maintaining the 811 locate system, utilizes software systems and takes appropriate action to resolve gas, water or locate system emergencies, follows the established guidelines of the Emergency Notification Procedures Manual as required. As needed, review, modify and provide account and billing information to the customer from Customer Relationship Management (CSM) system.

Minimum Requirements:
1.Minimum four (4) years of experience dealing with emergency situations as it relates to publicsafety.
2.Minimum two (2) years of experience dealing with or having direct contact with outside customers.Preference given to those with experience within last five (5) years. Additional consideration givenfor emergency dispatch experience.
3.Ability to work outside of normal business hours to meet District needs.
4.Ability to work overtime to include weekends/holidays; may be necessary to provide qualityservice to customers during times of high volume or vacancies.
5.Willing and able to operate and handle incoming communication from an offsite location to meetDistrict needs in accordance to established policies and procedures.
6.Knowledge of District policies and procedures related to safety and emergency guidelines.
7.Previous experience working in stressful situations with no assistance; taking immediate actionwhile adhering to established policies/procedures.
8.Experience working in emergency/non-emergency situations while remaining composed; reactpromptly, calmly and accurately in emergency situations to provide clear, direct and professionalcommunication to customers, co-workers and others, regardless of provocation.
9.Efficiently and effectively speak, read, comprehend and write English.
10.Previous experience utilizing a variety of communications media to include, but not limited to, e-mail, mobile radio/web and telephone communication systems.
11.Demonstrated ability to provide high quality service to customers by combining excellent problemsolving and decision-making skills with a strong desire to help others.
12.Experience with personal computers, tablets, and/or other electronic devices to include, but notlimited to, familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, Word) and enterprise-widesoftware (e.g., SAP and GIS).
13.Ability to learn new or upgraded computer software as required.
14.Machine skill speed of 25 words per minute.
15.High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (GED).
16. Ability to work assigned shift to include weekends and holidays as scheduled.
17. Work is primarily performed in an office setting amid normal conditions of dust, odors, fumes, office lighting and noises.
18. This job is eligible for a hybrid in-office and work from home flexible work arrangement.
19. Employee(s) in this position are covered under the Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol testing provisions. This includes random testing.

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Handle emergencies by taking immediate action as necessary for gas or water main breaks, service leaks, hydrant leaks, explosions, accidents, fires, and other emergencies and follow the established guidelines in accordance with the Emergency Procedures Manual, as required. Promptly dispatch gas leaks and other urgent orders as required. Record and maintain associated records.
2. Send email notifications during emergency situations to parties deemed necessary in the Emergency Procedures Manual.
3. Create corresponding notifications in software system for emergency situations deemed necessary in the Emergency Procedures Manual.
4. Navigate the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) system for related service information and technician locations.
5. Have direct line of contact with outside Fire and Police Departments, which might involve the District and take appropriate action to dispatch emergency personnel, Service Technicians, or Field Foremen as needed.
6. Receive and make telephone and radio/web-based calls pertaining to appointments, inspections, verification of orders, re-date orders, and other internal/external customer and service personnel requests.
7. Assign work orders, not assigned by software system to include, but not limited to, gas and water on/off orders, meter reads, tappings, appliance orders, fittings, inspections, emergency orders and miscellaneous complaints.
8. Assign and re-assign work orders to service personnel when unexpected circumstances arise.
9. Obtain information from and maintain various files to include, but not limited to, gas and water service cards, pending and completed work orders, and heating permits.
10. Add, adjust, or remove technician’s time in software system, in accordance with daily work schedule, phone calls or emails related to operations field personal.
11. Must be available to work all shifts, weekends and/or holidays as required.
12. Operate and handle incoming communication from an offsite location to meet District needs in accordance to established policies and procedures.
13. Perform a variety of clerical/maintenance duties as assigned.
14. Assist other divisions with dispatch duties to meet District needs, occurring both during and outside of normal working hours.
15. Maintain barricade, paving and other miscellaneous records as communicated from field personal.
16. Close locate tickets, place emergency and standard locate tickets, update or refresh tickets, print and send locate tickets to corresponding Foreman, submit non-response tickets and process meets when required.
17. Comply with and understand all pertinent District policies and procedures.
18. Perform a variety of other duties as assigned.

*Please ensure the application is filled out thoroughly to be considered for this position
An Equal Opportunity Employer “Minority/Female/Disabled/Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation”

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Posted on:
October 13, 2023

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