We want to keep kids in school and help them find good jobs.

Enrollment in the Community Coaches Program can help bridge the gap between school and employment.

Urban League of Nebraska has created the Community Coaches Program for youth ages (15-18) and young adults (18-21) in Omaha and Douglas County. The program is free and designed to help participants bridge the gap between education and employment.

The Community Coaches Program delivers workshops and breakout sessions centered on education, employment and civic engagement. This unique program works in tandem with other local community agencies to help our audience engage with the community.


This program is specifically designed for at-risk and high-risk youth and young adults in an effort to help individuals stay in school or find gainful employment. Outreach for the program includes contact with parents and guardians, communication between schools and youth development organizations, as well as other relevant parties including juvenile probation officers, foster care providers and faith-based institutions.

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To apply for the Community Coaches Program, contact the Youth & Education Department at 402-453-9730. Or fill out this form to receive more information.

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