Tuesday, November 3, is a very important day for America. This is the day when all Americans exercise their right – and privilege – to cast their vote for the President of the United States as well as for people running for other important offices and policies that affect our everyday lives. Initiatives, including those that our tax dollars will fund, are on the ballot, too.

This is why it’s important for you to REGISTER to VOTE and to clear the day, Tuesday, November 3, to VOTE. Voting early is a good idea to assure your vote is counted. Follow these helpful links and encourage everyone around you to register and vote.

Ballots and registration forms in languages other than English are available upon request.

First things first. You must register to vote. There are three ways to do that. Each will take about 3 minutes of your time. Hurry! The first DEADLINE is Friday, October 16.

  1. Register online now.
    You will need a valid driver’s license or the last four digit of your social security number.
    DEADLINE: Friday, Oct. 16
  2. Print this form, complete it and mail it in.
    DEADLINE: The mailing must be postmarked on or before Friday, Oct. 16
  3. Register in person at a local library, when renewing your drivers’ license or at the Douglas County Election Committee office:12220 W Center Road.
    Located at the northwest corner of 120th and Center Streets in Bel Air Plaza, just northwest of Nobbies Parties.

Urban League Nebraska is here to help you register. Contact us if you need assistance. Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM

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You are assigned a specific place to vote based on your address.

Nebraska DOES NOT require voters to present identification.

If you encounter an issue at the poll, ask to speak with a poll worker and immediately contact the Douglas County Election Commission at 402-444-8683.

Voter turnout on Tuesday, November 3 is expected to be high. This will mean long, slow-moving lines. You will want to arrange to be at your polling place for hours. You may also want to take along water and a snack. Assume it will be difficult to leave your place in line to use the restroom.

Voter harassment and intimidation is a Federal crime. If you encounter this behavior approaching or at your polling site, report the person and activity immediately. Poll workers are on site to assure you have the opportunity to exercise your right as an American citizen. To report activity, you may also call 402-444-8683.

BallotYou can save time in line at the polls on election day by voting early. Once you have registered to vote, simply request an early voting ballot here.

Request your early voting ballot.

When you receive your ballot, complete all sections carefully, following the instructions. Be sure to sign the back of the envelope. See the example here.

Deadline to request an early ballot is Friday, Oct. 23!

Ballot boxYou may affix postage to the envelope or you make take your ballot to the Douglas County Election Commission office or drop in any of the SECURE election drop boxes that do not require postage at locations shown here.

Douglas County Election Commission
12220 W Center Road
Located at the northwest corner of 120th and Center Streets in Bel Air Plaza, just northwest of Nobbies Parties.

Drop Box Locations:

Early voting ballots are due by election day. Why wait? Vote Early – Do it TODAY!

As of this writing, more than 60,000 ballots have been received by the Douglas County Election Commission.    Urban League Nebraska trusts in the United States  Post Office and the Douglas County Election Commission and their processes to receive your vote by mail and their postage-free ballot drop boxes located throughout the city.                      

Urban League Nebraska is here to help you register to vote. Contact us if you need assistance. Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM

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Our right – and responsibility – to vote is very exciting. As American citizens, we are all entitled to cast our votes for those we want to serve us in the public sphere and with our tax dollars.

If you’ve not voted before, or it’s been awhile, we’re here to help you understand the process. Read the helpful information here and refer to the sample ballot below. Your ballot may contain votes for people to fill positions or issue unique to your location, so not all of the sections seen on the sample ballot may be seen on the ballot you receive.

First, you must register to vote by October 16. Do it now!

Second, you have the right to ask for early or absentee voting. This is if you cannot get to the polls on November 3, or you prefer to vote now. The deadline to request an early ballot is October 23. Do it now. Here’s how.

Third, know the process.

You may always contact us to discuss the process. We will never tell you who to vote for or which way to vote on an issue. You may also ask any poll worker to help you with the process. No one may tell you who to vote for or how to vote on an issue.

When you arrive at your polling place (determined by where you live), you need only give the name by which you registered to vote. NO IDENTIFICATION IS REQUIRED.

The poll worker will find your name, ask you to sign the registry and you will be given a ballot to complete in a private station.

Once in the private station, you vote by completely filling in the oval by the name or action on an issue you prefer. Be sure to fill in the oval completely.

You do not have to vote on every person or issue on the ballot. You may vote for the people and issues you want to and leave other sections without a vote.

Reclaim Your Vote

In the 2016 presidential election, Black voter turnout fell 7%, and targeted voter disenfranchisement and suppression silenced Black voices even more. In 2020, Black voters will make up 12% of the electorate and have the power to dramatically shift the direction of the country. It is key that we get out to the polls to make our voices heard as the 2020 census and election are pivotal moments for our communities – and both will have lasting effects for generations to come.